CBR Teens in conjunction with NCSY demonstrates that education and service is the pillar of personal growth. When we do it together what a difference we can make! Community service, debate sessions, recreational trips and Shabbatons blend the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and have a dynamic Jewish experience. We are shaped not by what we receive but by what we do, so join CBR Teens and NCSY today and start building a better world around you.

For any questions regarding the group or to inquire about its programs, please contact Rabbi Samy Soussan at rss@bethrambam.org

Weekly Latte And Learn

Latte & Learn brings Judaism to local coffee shops as well as teens' homes, and serves up Torah in a relaxed and fun environment. By meeting teens where they want to be, Latte & Learning is the place for teens to ask real questions, voice their opinions and form a strong, non-pressured connection to their Judaism.


Shabbaton weekends inspire and educate teens in an atmosphere of Jewish pride and growth. They provide an opportunity for public and yeshiva day school students to interact together in a traditional Shabbat environment and form deep connections with advisors. Over these weekends, participants study Torah topics that speak directly to the high school mind. For many teens, these weekends are their first genuine Shabbat experience.

Summer Programs

NCSY Summer is more than just summer trips. It is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences of a person’s life. NCSY runs seventeen unique summer programs in the US, Israel, Australia and Europe that cater to teens with different interests and backgrounds. 

Open Beth Midrash Night

Teens get together biweekly in Beth Rambam to explore and learn about various Torah Topics.


The NCSY Teen Leadership Institute give teens the opportunity to build and exercise their leadership skills with one another. From initial stages of brainstorming and planning to fully implementing their ideas, teens work together in the fields of education, social action, communication and outreach.