Shabbat Programming

Shabbat Morning Youth Groups

Join us every Shabbat morning between 10:00 and 11:45 for morning youth groups that include Tefilah, Parsha, Stories, Games and Sports! This is a great way to give your child a fun, meaningful and educational experience that will undoubtedly leave him wanting to come back again and again! The kids are given a chance to earn amazing raffle prizes at the end of the program.

Shabbat Schedule


Tiny Toddlers (1yrs - 3yrs) - Morah Miri Brookhim ,

Preschool (3yrs - 6yrs) - Solea Bazbaz
1st - 5th grade boys - Sandor Harazsti
1st - 4th grade girls - Ashlene Azulay
6th - 8th grade boys - Tefilah with Rabbi Shimon Levy
Looking forward to seeing your kids!!
Parent volunteers are always welcome, we hope you’ll join us!

Shabbat Afternoon Pirchei & Ta’amim

Join us every Shabbat afternoon, 50 minutes before Mincha for educational programming offered to our children. Rabbi Soussan teaches Pizmonim and Rabbi Masri will be teaching Ta’amim to the boys with the goal of reading the torah! Afternoons - 50 minutes before Minha

1st - 5th grade girls
Led by Alyce Birch
Boys - 8yrs. - 12yrs. old
Taamin - Rabbi Masri / 50 minutes before Minha
Pizmonim - Rabbi Soussan / 25 Minutes before Minha
Kids Seudat Shelishit 
Led by Rabbi Johny Ouzzan & Sandor Harazti

Monthly Outings/Activities & Holiday Programming

There’s always something going on for our children at Beth Rambam! Whether it’s a Chanukah Dreidel Showdown, a community carnival, outdoor picnic, or a trip to SkyZone, we’re always planning something fun and enjoyable for the Synagogue Youth.